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I tell you, it was nice using your Levendary cafe. Evaluate the Levendary Cafe current situation in China, come up with a revised set of goals, strategies and actions, and present your recommendations to CEO Mia Foster.

Foster who is a good communicator should make everything clear to Chen and let him know to which extent his changes are acceptable and to emphasize on the identity of Levendary and the image Levendary cafe they want consumers to have.

Levendary China is serving the food according to the local tastes, therefore bringing in high competition with low margins.

American employees tend to have larger inequalities amongst the levels of management while Chinese employees try to work together as a whole to achieve the decision. What global issues are addressed in the case? A Multi-Unit Restaurant Business is a franchise operation associated with a individual trade name.

Present to Mia Foster directly, as if she is going to listen to and read and use your advice. Howard gave Louis a lot of freedom to establish the Chinese operations, and frankly, it shows.

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His local knowledge and connections helped him lock in prime locations at good prices, and within a year, his initial location had grown into a chain of 23 restaurants. But the reality is that no senior executive has visited China since Howard officiated at the opening ceremony for the Pudong store a year ago.

The preferred food is different too such as he cheese that is not liked by Chinese. A visit was set for May. Customers in these areas are low-income families seeking local fast food.

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Preparing menus and menu boards was complicated by variations in menu items to respond to local market preferences and by pricing differences to meet local competition.

The workplace is often that of a high stress job, many managers believe that their employees dislike their work.

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Nick and I will both commit to working with you to support your efforts. Chen was clearly a go-getter who had evolved to become a local baron. The decision was hastened by the appearance of Louis Chen as a viable candidate to lead the effort.

Summary By having a flexible marketing strategy, Levendary can increase its brand awareness by promoting organic, healthy, tasty foods. Chen was smart by being flexible when entered Chinese market because there are some features that could not be transferred easily into such closed community nevertheless killed the identity of Levendary and turned it to a completely different restaurant while trying to adopt to the new culture.

Second, given Foster's lack of previous international management experience, they were skeptical of her ability to build a multi-national brand. Levendary has focused on industry tendencies and the wellness witting consumer. Chen should be part of this to have commitment and responsibility to it and due to his experience in the Chinese market.

Another alteration I think Mia Foster should do would be to supply Louis Chen and the Chinese operations with more support.

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Expansion through joint ventures a Expansion in international markets has, in a number of cases, taken the form joint ventures JVs.LevendaryCafé)casequestions)) • Whatisyourevaluationoftheway) Levendary)CaféhasenteredtheChina) market?) • What)changes)(if)any))should)Mia)Foster)make.

The Levendary Cafe in China is following a business model which is completely different from that of the US operation model. Chen wanted this cafe to adapt to the changing tastes of people from place to place. Levendary Cafe was born as a little soup. salad and sandwich eating house.

Under the way of former CEO Howard Leventhal. who stood behind Levendary’s vision of “delighting the customer”. the eating house was transformed into a multi-billion dollar house comprised of 3. cafes nationally.

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A. Evaluate the Levendary Cafe current situation in China, come up with a revised set of goals, strategies and actions, and present your recommendations to CEO Mia Foster. B. Create a presentation in PowerPoint or Prezi or other presentation software.

this time it is a Case analyse for Global Management class: please find bellow description and let me know if you can make it.


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